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​Beautiful poses, genuine laughs,

sharp, high quality portraits,

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​Theresa Burkhart Photography

​located in Grafenwöhr/Pressath, Germany, I offer a fun experience for children and adults from the moment of the first "hello".

With years of experience, I know exactly how to pose you, what to say and do to showcase your personality, and how to work my camera to achieve the gorgeously sharp and high quality portraits you will treasure for a lifetime. Being an adventurous person and a local national, a variety of locations with different features are known to me and utilized for your customized session.

Couple in Weiden in front of blue shutters
Couple drinking beer in Weiden

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Theresa Burkhart

Originally from Germany, I am all about hard work, efficiency and of course, punctuality! You won't catch me being late to your session or missing any deadlines. I have been very happily married for almost a decade and I am the mother of two toddler boys that hate getting their photos taken... So believe me when I say: I've been where you are! And with both, my professional and personal experience, I can help make your session go smoothly.

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Conrad & Sarah

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"Theresa is someone who clearly has a passion for photography. She is personable, friendly, and genuine. For lack of a better phrase, she is 'good people' - the kind of person whose general good nature exudes friendliness.
Beyond her ability to evoke smiles and good vibes, she is also very imaginative, enthusiastic about her work, and above all professional."

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​If you've made it this far down on this page, it means that, in one way or another, you are drawn to my work. And that alone means the world to me.

​I'm excited to get to know you and I'm looking forward to working with you! Whether you're wanting to book a session, get to know me a little better or have more questions to ask, I'm excited to hear from you.

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The premier Photographer based in Pressath / Grafenwöhr - Germany and serving the surrounding Bavarian region, specializing in timeless, vivid, lively and connection-focused portraits of couples, expecting parents, families, newborns, children and high school seniors.